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Dumbbell exercises for girls


In this article we will analyze the best exercises with dumbbells for girls, which can be performed both at home and in the gym. Exercises with extra weight load the muscles more, while increasing strength, volumes of endurance. You can train not only with dumbbells, but also with a barbell, kettlebells, a bag of sand, but dumbbells are a more suitable apparatus for women. Firstly, they are easy to control, and secondly, it is very simple to find light dumbbells, or dumbbells with adjustable weight. With dumbbells, you can easily work out at home – they do not take up much space, and exercises with dumbbells for girls do not require a large area for their implementation. You need to start your training with working with your own weight and rods using https://pw-core.com/, and only after some time of training, go to work with extra weight, in our case with dumbbells.

No need to take heavy dumbbells. In order for the muscles to tone, we need dumbbells weighing from 1 to 5 kg. Just want to offer several articles that may interest you:

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It’s time to make out the exercises themselves with dumbbells for girls, which can be used in training.

Dumbbell kick up

This exercise is a squat with dumbbells up on straight arms. We take the dumbbells in hand so that the elbows are lowered down, while the arms are bent at the elbows, dumbbells at shoulder level. With this position of the hands we go down, but having got up, we need to raise the dumbbells up on straight arms (standing dumbbell press). Having lowered the dumbbells again to the chest level, we repeat everything again. In addition to the leg muscles that work during squats (quadriceps, thigh biceps, buttocks), we also have shoulders, triceps and other arm muscles.

Classic Dumbbell Squats

Regular dumbbell squats will mainly affect leg muscles such as quadriceps, buttocks, and thigh biceps. But, at the same time, our body is supported by muscles such as abs, back muscles. When doing squats with dumbbells, you can take them in different ways. You can squat even with one dumbbell.

In the starting position, we stand with dumbbells (dumbbell), with legs wide apart. We put all the emphasis on the heels, and even during the exercise we try not to transfer the weight to the socks. Keep your back straight. The knees should not go beyond the level of the toes of the feet.

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  • Dumbbell Deadlift

With dumbbells, you can perform various traction, but girls are more likely to exercise such as the Romanian deadlift and deadlift on straight legs, which mainly involve the gluteal muscles and the back of the thighs.

Romanian rise

Deadlift on Straight Legs

Romanian lift (Romanian deadlift), where the back is flat and cannot be humped. The concept and lowering of weight is carried out at the expense of the knee and hip joints.

Deadlift on straight legs is performed with straight legs, and this exercise is more difficult and more traumatic.

Bench Press with Dumbbells

The bench press with dumbbells can be performed both on the bench and on the floor, in the event that there is no bench.

Taking the dumbbells in hand, we lay down on the bench. Lower your elbows down, respectively lifting the dumbbells up. Now just squeeze the dumbbells up, straightening your arms. Having reached the top point, we return to the starting position. The bench press develops pectoral muscles, triceps and anterior bundles of deltoid muscles.

Dumbbell Lunges

Lunges with dumbbells work well on the gluteal muscles. This is a simple but very effective exercise. You should put one foot forward and lower the pelvis down, while the hind leg should be on the toe, and the forefoot should be placed on the entire plane of the foot.

Bulgarian Dumbbell Squats

During this exercise, gluteal muscles, muscles of the anterior surface of the thigh, arms, muscles of the cortex work. We put one foot on the floor, and put the other on the bench, which should be located behind (put the top surface of the foot). Then we simply perform squats, where one leg is directly involved in squats. The second, mainly should stabilize the position of the body. Do not forget to change legs. We hold dumbbells on the hands down.

Staggering on a Bench and Lifting for Biceps

For this exercise we will need a bench on which we will step. We stand in front of the bench with dumbbells in hand. We put the left foot on the bench, and after it the right. Further, standing on the bench, we raise the left leg bent at the knee until the thigh reaches the horizontal. Together with the raising of the left leg we make the rise to the biceps of the dumbbells.

During this exercise, quadriceps, buttocks, biceps of the hands work.

Dumbbell Dumbbell

If you want to strengthen your back muscles, then you will need such an exercise, as the draft of dumbbells in an inclination. This exercise is one of the best for the back.

Tilt your torso forward. Hold dumbbells in lowered hands, palms in the middle. You need to bend your knees and bend your lower back. Keep your back straight. Next, you need to pull your elbows up, not taking them away from the torso.

That’s all. Now you know what exercises with dumbbells for girls are.