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Best Things To Know About HCV Advocate Platform


The Hepatitis C support project or the HCSP is mainly an authorized non-profit organization established in 1997. This organization was founded by Alan Franciscus as well as some other HCV-positive individuals. This organization was mainly established to address some of the issues such as deficiency of support, and education, as well as the type of services that are mainly available at that time for HCV people. Some of the important facts about hcvadvocate.org have been discussed in this article.

Top facts to know about the Hepatitis C program

Hepatitis C mainly can exist lifelong if not treated. This disease is mainly curable. A person can mainly manage how the same affects someone. It is necessary to discuss this with the healthcare provider as well as the loved ones. It is necessary to take some important steps to keep someone healthy. A person is mainly like to be suffered from hepatitis C:

  1. If a person mainly have involved in some of the high-risk behaviors such as using the IV drug or having the unprotected sex
  2. If the mother of the patient has/had hepatitis C
  3. If someone is suffering from HIV/AIDS
  4. If any person is mainly had blood transfusions or had an organ transfer or dialysis mainly done before 1989
  5. If any person is currently incarcerated
  6. If any person is mainly had the piercing or tattoo in any dirty environment using unsterilized equipment
  7. If the person mainly had received an organ transplant prior to 1992
  8. If the person mainly had received hemodialysis treatments for a long time

Hepatitis C is mainly a type of viral infection. This mainly causes liver inflammation, which mainly leads to serious liver damage. The hepatitis C virus mainly spreads due to contaminated blood. The continuing infection having the hepatitis C virus is otherwise called chronic hepatitis C. Some of the common symptoms of hepatitis C mainly include:

  1. The person can bleed or bruise easily
  2. The person can have the feeling of fatigue
  3. The person can have a poor appetite
  4. The person can mainly suffer from yellow stains on the skin as well as eyes.
  5. The person can have dark-colored urine
  6. A person can have Itchy skin
  7. The person can have swelling in their legs
  8. A person can suffer from weight loss
  9. The person can mainly be suffered from drowsiness, confusion as well as slurred speech
  10. The person can have spider-like blood vessels on their skin.

These are some of the important facts to know about hepatitis C.