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A Mini Facelift Can Make A Big Difference


A good facelift can really influence your looks and make you look much younger. There are many different techniques that can be used for the traditional facelift, but there is also the MACS facelift, that you might not have heard about. Of course, every person is different, so the technique that will be used also depends on the outcome you were hoping for.

If you are interested in having a facelift, with not as many risks and cons, you might want to check out the MACS facelift. You can visit the best mini face lift in Sydney from ICCM or you can do your own research about the procedure and have a consultation with your local doctor instead.

A good facelift can really make a big difference

What is the MACS facelift?

Before you decide to go through with any sort of a cosmetic and plastic procedure, you need to learn more about it. Well, the MACS lift is not an invasive surgery when compared to the traditional facelift. It is a surgical technique that is great for both men and woman, and it offers great results with:

  • Minimal scarring. Long-term lifting effects.
  • Immediate visible results.
  • Reduced signs of ageing.
  • Faster recovery times

Our face is our most essential part of identity, and with age, the effects of sun damage, lifestyle and gravity will have a huge impact on our skin. If you would like to turn back the time and look a bit younger, you might want to check out the before and after images of MACS facelift.

The recovery time

As we all know, the traditional facelift does take some time for you to recover. However, the MACS lift is also known as the weekend facelift, because in most cases patients will heal in about a week. However, the recommended time to heal is two weeks, so you should be ready to take that time off work.

Swelling and bruising is inevitable, and it will often subside after about 1 or 2 weeks. The results will be seen immediately, but you will get the best results about 3 months after the procedure, which also depends on each individual separately. This is an outpatient procedure, and you will be able to return home right after the surgery.

There are other procedures you can check out as well, as sometimes a combination of procedures will give you the best outcome. For example, you can check out the best lip lift surgeon in Sydney like ICCM and talk to your doctor about other procedures, depending on the results you were hoping to achieve.

Lip fillers can make your lips look a lot plumper

Final word

If you are looking for procedures that could enhance your beauty and make you seem younger, then you might have come across the MACS facelift. This procedure is known to offer great and lasting results, and it is suitable for a big range of age, as well as both genders.